Marcelle appeared on Seven Sunrise

A female tradie in Melbourne following her dreams in a trade dominated by men

On Seven Sunrise, I appeared with the wonderful Sally Lidell from Right Connection Electrical on a segment about self-employed female tradies and how well we are doing in this competitive industry. Take a look! In addition, I was also featured in two of the biggest newspapers in Australia—The Age and Daily Mail Australia—where they tried to learn my day-to-day activities and how much I earn as a Lady Tradie in Melbourne.

About Marcelle – A Female Carpenter Melbourne

When you ask me to undertake your carpentry project you can be assured of a quality job with a quality outcome.




Marcelle was representing the Master Builders of Victoria on Darren James’ Weekend Breakfast show on 3AW talking about carpentry life, women in trades and anything building!

Take a Look at Marcelle’s DIY videos for jobs you can do around your home

Home Renovation Project - Should You Do it Yourself or Call a Professional?

Starting a DIY home renovation may seem like an excellent idea, but the question is whether it’s Viable or beneficial?

Every homeowner finds herself/himself at the crossroads when they decide to embark on a home renovation project. With seemingly inexhaustible resources available on the net - right from blogs giving step-by-step instructions to several DIY videos - it is quite apparent that many homeowners are tempted to take on the renovation job into their own hands.

Therefore, deciding when you rope in a professional builder to take up the renovation is always tricky.

Though, there are no such set of rules, the thumb rule for every DIY project is to take up tasks you feel comfortable with and have the required skill set to finish the job with exceptional results.

Besides, taking up seasonal home maintenance is where you apply the DIY techniques. You can add up the savings by painting the fences, replacing the filters or doing the landscaping.

However, bigger problems like fixing the bathroom tiles, repairing the deck or restoring a rotten timber door, should be left to the professionals.

You should avoid DIY for such large scale jobs. These tasks, when not done correctly, could leave a trail of disasters like a leak inside the wall causing water damage or poor electric work causing short-circuits.

The professionals are trained and possess the right skill set to deliver solid and impressive results without causing any damage to your property. Since professionals work on home renovations almost every day, they know the tricks and trade secrets to deliver world-class and flawless results. For example, a DIYer can lay and fix timber flooring, but the floors and walls are never perfectly done. There are chances of imperfections like bumps or loose joints. On the other hand, a professional builder is well aware of the intricate know-how about doing the timber floor correctly.

Some of the benefits of hiring a professional to do your home renovation project are:

  • Minimal Turnaround Time
  • Qualified to Handle Complicated Tasks
  • Enhance the Value of your Property
  • Exceptional and Professional Results



Making a choice between DIY and hiring a builder is more than just a matter of a few dollars. It’s more about a careful balance between money and other factors like no hassles, faster results and professional quality work. Owing to these advantages, it is always a good idea to call in a professional for significant home renovation jobs.

If you are looking for expert builders in the eastern suburbs, call Marcelle’s Carpentry and Building. Marcelle is one of the foremost female renovations builders in Melbourne with extensive experience and expertise in home renovation and restoration projects.

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