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Top 5 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Carpenter…

What Are Your Qualifications? Did You Do An Apprenticeship? To work as a carpenter in Victoria, you are not required to have done a 4 year apprenticeship. Some who claim to be carpenters are only self-taught handymen. The majority of carpentry work involves structural work and knowledge of the Building Code of Australia. It’s not

What to expect from me

A high level of professional carpentry Melbourne that assures best services and quality of work Among the leading female carpenters in Melbourne, I communicate effectively to ensure I build to your requirements and individual taste I provide a written quote outlining the types of materials I intend to use, how long I will take and

My commitment

I take great pride in my work and aim to achieve the best result possible in whatever type of work I am doing. I don’t take short cuts as this only leads to a substandard outcome and isn’t the right way to do business.

What does a carpenter do

What does a carpenter do Carpenters are engaged in a variety of different kinds of construction from making kitchen cabinets to building highways. They build, install, and repair fixtures and structures made from wood and a variety of other materials. Most tasks involve the same fundamental steps such as working with instructions or blueprints and

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