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How To Make Sure That You Hire a Good Carpenter?

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Carpentry is a profession that is perennial. A carpenter is a required professional for maintenance, renovations, extensions or repairs everywhere. However, there are certain skills that distinguish a good carpenter from the others.

  1. Attention to Detail :
  2.   A good carpenter will always be precise and will try to execute everything with accuracy and care. He/she will always be observant and will be able to determine if the existing or new timber or materials are fit for purpose and/or meet Australian Standards. At times carpenters are also required to put in a lot of detail in their work like in carving materials. This is where good observation skills are essential. 

  3. Handy with Tools:
  4. A carpenter is required to work with a myriad of tools and good carpenters are those who know the right tools, how to use them in the right manner and where to use them for operating, maintaining, repairing or constructing. 

  5. Quick Thinker:
  6.   Carpentry as a profession requires presence of mind. At times, materials may not be available on time or in enough quantity or a there might be problems in the foundation of a building which is to be upgraded. When such issues arise, a carpenter is required to be a problem solver and a quick thinker.

  7. Able to Apply Mathematics and Read Technical Drawings:
  8.   A good carpenter will usually know how to measure the right sizes of materials or distances between drilled holes. Apart from this, they might often have to follow technical drawings, especially if they are home builders, and should know how to read them.

  9. Good Listeners and Communicators:
  10. Good carpenters should know how to communicate well with clients. They should be good listeners who can soak in their client’s requirements perfectly. They should also be able to communicate shortcomings or plans to clients without using jargon.

  11. Qualified:
  12. Although it is not a mandatory requirement, it is always a plus if a carpenter has had proper induction training and a 4-year Apprenticeship. It is important that you ask them questions regarding their qualifications before hiring them and also ask for proof of public liability and personal accident insurance. This protects your home and your family in case of any accidents.

So, the next time you hire a carpenter, don’t forget to consider these skills. If you are effectively looking for a female carpenter in Melbourne, our services are available across Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs.  Feel free to contact us on 0411 101 299.

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