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Imagine living in a house without any doors! I’m definitely a fan of open plan living and the seamlessness and functionality it provides. Even so, internal doors are useful for noise reduction between spaces, retaining warmth and cooling in a specified area and also for personal privacy.A whole range of internal door styles are available including your standard swing doors, sliding doors and bi-fold doors. I swapped over a swing door for a cavity slider between my kitchen and laundry to give both rooms more living space. A cavity slider is a sliding door that returns into the wall space when opened. If you don’t have enough wall space to fit a cavity slider, you can fit bi-fold doors in the space, or install a sliding door that sits on one side of the wall.To create more light along the south side of my house, I removed a window and installed French doors in its place. This also provided an alternate opening to my backyard so I could walk straight from the kitchen onto the deck.Over the life of your home, your doors will most likely move with the seasons and with the general movement of the house. Your doors can become hard to open and the locks difficult to secure. Some small adjustments can bring back the security and functionality to your home.


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