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Timber pergolas are an excellent way to create shade and shelter for any part of your outdoor environment. They also provide ideal protection for decking from the sun and rain and also allows you to relax outside regardless of the weather.

Pergolas can be built in a variety of styles from a standard pitched roof to match your house or a flat roof for a simpler appearance. Roof sheeting materials can be fitted to block any direct sun or you can choose one of the many shades of polycarbonate roofing such as Laserlite or Makrolon, which allow different levels of light into your outdoor space. Polycarbonate roofing has advanced remarkably in quality and offers great UV resistance plus hail protection.

Pergolas can also be free standing without any roofing, in an area of your garden that you wish to use for climbing plants or hanging pots. As well as being quite a useful structure, this type of pergola can increase your level of privacy from neighbouring windows or balconies. Such free –standing and generally smaller pergolas also don’t require a Council permit.

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