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dogdoorAs a cat owner I understand how demanding some pets can be! My cat likes to go outside for a stroll each morning and getting him to come back in when I’m leaving for work can be a struggle. I gave up and installed a pet door so I wouldn’t be late for work and he could come back inside when he’s finished his morning patrol. Pet doors can be installed in a door, in a brick or weatherboard wall or in a window. Most are lockable also, so that when your pet is inside, you can prevent other animals coming inside or yours getting out again.
catdoorNo matter what size cat or dog you have, Marcelle’s Carpentry and Building has the skills to install pet doors in either a weatherboard or brick wall, or in a timber door. Our carpenters understand your unique needs and provide custom solutions to your requirements. Lockable pet doors keep your home insulated in addition to giving it security and making it a safe, accident-free pet zone. Begin your home improvements today with our unique pet doors that are sure to make you and your pets happy! Our products and services are available across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Give us a call on 0411 101 299 to get in touch with us.

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