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Fencing not only outlines where our front boundary and offers security, it enhances the appearance and personality of your home. Pickets come in so many styles, from the common Windsor to the Federation or a simple point picket.

The style of picket and post you choose can depend on the era of your home, but also the design that you personally prefer. By choosing from the large variety of picket and post styles, you can create a fence to suit your own design. Picket fences in Melbourne are fitted in different formations, such as scalloped, straight or straight pickets rising to the posts.

Ideally pickets are made from hardwood to ensure their longevity. Hardwood is free from knots which is a weak point in the timber and an access point for moisture. It also holds its shape over the long term better than pine and better suited to picket fencing in Melbourne.

Likewise, posts need to be well-primed before they are placed in the ground to prevent moisture absorption and rotting. Such as small measure can make a huge difference to how long your fence lasts, but equally how it showcases your home.

I am happy to show you the range of styles and options available for picket fencing in Melbourne.

Picket fences not only outline your front boundary but also enhances the appearance and personality of your home. At Marcelle’s Carpentry and Building, our carpenters provide the  picket fencing  options across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs you need. For further information connect with us on  0411 101 299

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