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Timber Flooring

flooringmessmateTimber is my favourite type of flooring, not only for its longevity but for its natural beauty. Like decking, there are many types of timber flooring and your choice depends on whether you prefer a light, medium or dark shade, plus whether you prefer a timber with many natural features or one that is more uniform in appearance.
Once sanded and polished, the individual character and features of each board is enhanced and is truly remarkable. The floor becomes an endless story of its odyssey from a tree to a part of your home. Not only is the floor a pleasure to walk on but it is lovely to look at.
I love working with remilled or recycled flooring, not just because of their sustainable aspect, but there is a large choice of the types of timber available and it is constantly being updated. They are sourced from schools, houses and factories that are undergoing renovation or demolition. Types of recycled flooring include Tasmanian Oak, Baltic Pine, Jarrah, Messmate, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Grey Ironbark.
Recycled flooring is an ideal choice if you are renovating a looking to match an existing floor. I have a 1950’s weatherboard and when I was looking for floorboards for my kitchen, I chose recycled Tasmanian Oak flooring as it was from a similar to the age and appearance of the timber floor in the adjacent loungeroom. The boards I used were actually from a 1950’s house in Mount Waverley that was being renovated.
There are specific installation methods to ensure the longevity and beauty of your flooring such as the type of adhesive to use and the importance of using clamps to connect each board securely and maintaining a parallel floor.

At Marcelle’s Carpentry and Building, we love solid timber flooring, having laid it in our own homes and in many of our client’s homes.  There is an innate beauty to natural timber, whether new or recycled,  that brings an incredible warmth and style to your home. Build superior, expert and affordable timber flooring options to beautify your home.   Call us on 0411 101 299 to know more about our timber flooring services.  

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