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timber rot repair & restorationTimber is a very beautiful and useful product, but being a natural material, it is also vulnerable to long term weather damage and rotting. It only takes a pin-size hole in a window sill for rain or mist to start penetrating the timber and for the timber rot to begin. The damp can penetrate deep within the timber and into attached sections of a neighbouring wall or window section. The surface of the weathered timber section is generally spongy and has a rippled effect, while the effect on the previously good timber is to turn it to a paper-like texture. Constant dry weather can also encourage timber rot by causing the timber to dry out. The resulting cracks can allow damp to enter the timber and start decaying. It is vital to properly prime any external timber and also protect it with a quality external paint to minimise the chance of timber rot occurring. Regularly check your external timber surfaces for damage or imperfections. It is much easier to restore a section of timber early before the damage goes too far.
Timber can have both wet and dry rot. Timber rot occurs due to the level of moisture in the air or due to the simple passage of time and weather. At Marcelle’s Carpentry and Building, we have extensive experience in removing the damaged section of either windows or sills and ensuring the replaced timber is sealed and protected for many years to come. Connect with us on 0411 101 299 for all your timber rot concerns in the eastern suburbs.

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