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weatherboards2 Weatherboards are typically made from pine and are pre-primed, that is, have a single coating of primer on both sides to protect against weather damage. They are either generally square-edged or bullnose profiled. Some houses also have feature weatherboards in certain sections, with a “V- notch” profile as a decorative addition.

Weatherboards are part of virtually every Australian era of housing and in my view, are very stylish. They are simple to replace if they become damaged or if time has eroded their strength.

A recent development in weatherboard technology is the treated pine weatherboard. The weatherboards are treated using Light Organic Solvent Preservatives (LOSP) providing long term resistance to decay, termite attack and other wood destroying organisms. These boards are coated with a 2 coat exterior, acrylic, water-based primer. No additional primer or undercoat is required. Weatherboards can also be made from cement sheet and come in a variety of profiles to suit older and modern homes.

weatherboardsCarpenters from Marcelle’s Carpentry and Building, we do a lot of weatherboard replacement in sections of walls that have deteriorated over time, or fitting weatherboards around an entire house. Removing weatherboards presents an opportunity to also install insulation batts and sisalation wrap to make your home more thermally comfortable in colder and hotter temperatures. Weatherboards are a stylish part of every Australian home. We really enjoy fitting weatherboards across Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. Call us on 0411 101 299 to know more.

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