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Timber Window Repairs and Restorations

sashwindowRepairing timber sash windows is one of my favourite tasks. I have a good knowledge of timber window repairs in Melbourne, especially the one with rope and weight, typically found in period homes, operate via a pulley system where are chord is fitted to the window sash at one end and an iron weight at the other. The size of the weight is determined by the size of the window it is linked to. The weight enables the bottom or top sash to be opened and closed in a safe manner. My timber window repairs services in Melbourne comes very handy in the case if chord has either frayed or broken completely, meaning a new sash chord needs to be fitted for the window to be useable again.

Another type of window system is the sash balance generally found in houses built in the 1950’s onwards. This system uses a metal tensioner that is housed in a plastic tube. Due to the age of the mechanism, if a sash no longer stays up when raised, it needs to be replaced with a new one. Often the internal spring has completely deteriorated from years of use. I learnt how to fix these types of windows in my own home where none of the windows stayed up when I opened them. Now I know why there were sticks of timber near the windows at the open for inspection – it was a cheap way of propping up the bottom window sash!

Apart from fixing older windows, I also install new ones. Fitting a larger window is an instant way to open up your views and bring in much more light and breeze. There are many different window styles from which to choose depending on the style of your house and the amount of air flow you require.

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