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What to expect from me

  • A high level of professional carpentry Melbourne that assures best services and quality of work
  • Among the leading female carpenters in Melbourne, I communicate effectively to ensure I build to your requirements and individual taste
  • I provide a written quote outlining the types of materials I intend to use, how long I will take and a final cost
  • I can assist with your design ideas or material choices based on my experience and practical knowledge in this field as a qualified carpenter in Melbourne.
  • I have full public liability insurance as required by carpenters in Melbourne, giving you complete peace of mind
  • I treat your home with respect and clean up after myself
  • I work safely and don’t leave tripping hazards around
  • I achieve a finished result that I would be happy with in my own home
  • I don’t leave you waiting because I always arrive on time

With newer homes as well, adding a deck or pergola can not only add value to your home but make enjoying the great outdoors so much easier and pleasurable. I really enjoy carpentry work which reflects in my attitude to your project and the final result. Primarily I like working with timber and turning a basic material into something that looks good and enhances your home. When you ask me to undertake your carpentry project you can be assured of a quality job with a quality outcome.

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